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fax netoo

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and also i think you should control up and down instead of random becuase now 60% of the game is random

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im with you on that netoo

better then the new one (personnaly)


my dud i like the game but i have no pc to play on it can you make the game for ios or androids plz T^T

Hey man. This game was made a few years ago and is no longer being supported. Check out for the new version. iOS and Android is currently not supported, but will be made available as time goes on. Thanks for your patience!

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when I try to extract it comes up with the error 'this zip is empty' can ypu please tell me how to fix this oh don't worry but for everyone else click open don't click save or save as oh now it just opens file explorer

Hey man. I'm so sorry I mixed up this game with the newer game  IIslands of War a couple weeks ago and accidentally replaced the file with a super buggy version of this game. I have fixed this game so it works now, but I highly recommend playing the new one since this is 2 years old.

Sorry for the mistake.

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hey bro i'm still getting an error where it just opens the file explorer even with the new version also I cant uninstall the old version

what is the second vergen called

IIslands of War. You can click the link.

the screen is zoomed in to top right corner and if I press play it crashes i tried f but it didnt work.

I am so sorry. I had a little run in earlier getting mixed up with my new game IIslands of War. I mixed up the files and accidentally replaced this one with a broken file. I have fixed it, but this game is 2 years old. Check out the newer game in the link!

oh ok thanks

i cant press any bottons and the screen is not calebrated how can i fix thi

Try exiting fullscreen with F. If that doesnt work, i can rry to make the game start in non fullscreened mode in the next update dropping soon. If you need more help, try joining the disxord and sending some screenshots over.

that still doesnt work F does nothing alt+enter doesnt work and neither odes f11

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I am so sorry, I got the wrong game. Islands of war and IIslands of war both look so similar. This is an old game, and unfortunately, I have lost the source code so there is nothing i can do right now to fix it.

You could check out the newer better game IIslands of war(note the two I's) here if you want:

EDIT: Actually, i messed up an upload about 2 weeks ago and it just struck my attention that that might be the cause of all the sudden reports of buginess. So i have fixed this game, but do please give the other game a try. Its 10000x better.

how do i play

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How to download? Just click the "Download Now" button.

How to battle? Use W to activate thrust, and 1-9 to fire. Alternatively you can click the tabs at the bottom of your screen.

How to build? Select items in the inventory using left click. Place items using Left click. Delete items using Right click.

How to get good?Join the discord here! I'm more than happy to help you even more there!

Above all, have fun while playing. Cheers!

I'm so sorry. I mixed up some files with my newer game  IIslands of War and this game is indeed broken. I have fixed this game though, so it works now, but its 2 years old. I highly suggest you try out the newer game instead.

Sorry for my mistake.


for some reason it doesnt start in the right format so no of the buttons are working for me i have windows 10 and it is a intel core i5 from HP

omg i got the same problem and same intel and windows 10

Have you tried pressing F to go out of fullscreen?

So sorry guys. The game you were playing actually doesn't work. I mixed it up with a newer game  IIslands of War. Anyways, this game has now been fixed back to its playable state but I highly recommend you try the newer game(indicated by two I's).

Sorry for the mixup.


You need to add a save function plz then its a good game!!

when will the next update be ;)