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My deepest apologies.The discord bot's token was leaked and he deleted the old server :(. Please join the new server here here.

I am also incredibly sorry to those of you who received inappropriate images from the bot. It has since been deleted for the time being. No one should ever have to see those.

A long time ago, our earth cracked apart. Among the remains, we took to the skies, creating floating islands to sustain us. For centuries, we have prospered in peace, thriving in the world we have built for ourselves.

But now, terrorists known as the Dark Order threaten to blow us out of the sky once and for all. You must build your island to destroy these tiny garbage loving nitwits before they eradicate humanity.

These are IIslands of War!


Explore 8 procedurally generated realms, with different places to visit and new loot to discover

Build mighty floating islands from an assortment of blocks to choose from

Arm your island to the teeth with a vast amount of weapons

Formulate many different strategies to defeat enemies

Expand your island with modules to make it more powerful

Equip tech on your modules to customize your island to the max

More Features

Plan and build your island to give you a strategic edge in combat

Battle against procedurally generated enemies and take them down in multiple ways

Choose your loot wisely at the end of a battle

Warp back to your last location if the battle does not go in your favor

Forge your items into stronger and more powerful ones

Buy awesome tech, blocks and modules at the shop

Fight a legendary boss at the end of each realm

Challenge the mythic final boss at the end of the last realm

Three original soundtrack compositions

Software Used

Skymap on Trello

Join the DiscorJoin the Discord here! here!

NOTE: Mac users may need to run this command in the Terminal before downloading. 

    sudo spctl --master-disable

Note: Mac users using old software (El Capitan) might experience an error when opening the dmg (no mountable file systems).

Published 81 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsGameMaker, hard, Pixel Art, Roguelite
Average sessionAbout an hour


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I am so sorry, a discord bot I was working on had it's token leaked and so someone exploited this and deleted the server. I am so sorry about the images. I will make sure that this never happens again.

Once again, I am so sorry for this. 

Join the new server here: https://discord.gg/g6359na.

ouch, well I ended up cancelling my report to trust and safety, but the bot was banned from a few servers I moderate.. well thanks for replying!

The application/bot has been deleted since it has been compromised.

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Discord server was raided by a bot, I was dm'd nsfw by it and then it banned me from the server. Already took action and reported the bot to trust and safety team.

heres the bot's name:

I am so sorry, a discord bot I was working on had it's token leaked and so someone exploited this and deleted the server. I am so sorry about the images. I will make sure that this never happens again.

Once again, I am so sorry for this. 

That was my bot unfortunately. It has been compromised and i will be deleting it.

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i cant join the discord, can someone help


I am so sorry, a discord bot I was working on had it's token leaked and so someone exploited this and deleted the server. I am so sorry about the images. I will make sure that this never happens again.

Once again, I am so sorry for this. 

When is the next update?

The next update is gonna be pretty massive and it is still a ways from being done. This is just an estimate but hopefully before the end of the month.

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I got a question here. When i play this game on my laptop, sometimes it will become extremely lag like 22 fps and the next second it will become like 60 fps. Can u tell me what is happening and what should i do to this situation.  

but it is a cool game and i love it !!!

Hmm. I have been trying to optimise the game. Could you tell me the version you are playing on, and when you are experiencing the lag? Thanks.

(1 edit)

I am playing the latest version of the game. The lags happened when i was in the battles, the fps on the left hand corner shows that there are only 25~35 fps, but normally my laptop can handle csgo  around 90 fps, i don't know why. When it is around 60 fps, i feel like that 'man how can the weapon load that fast and smooth' so if you have time please check or optimize it,  thanks   

Alright. Thanks for the info. Does this happen consistently, when firing a lot of weapons, or when your weapons hit their target?

Well, this happens most of my gaming time,but  sometimes when i hit lots of weapons it will suddenly become smooth and hit the target and start reloading very fast, afterwards it become lags again. 

Thank you for the detail. I will have a look into this and try to optimise the game more for the next update.

nvm i checked comment thx lul

yo so ive been playing for legit 7 hours on same account just died 3 times in a row because a ! had 18 fkin shields and wouldnt die so i think you should make infinite lives or a save also how do i rotate weaponry

good game, but how do i save?

It's automatic as soon as you exit. It saves from last defeated enemy/shop/forge

its not saving, every time i exit or press esc it resets me to the start.

Hey there. It seems you have downloaded the legacy 1.0 version. This is the original jam version of the game. The latest version(2.0) should be available to download from this page. Enjoy!

i have a question, how exactly do i rotate my weapons?

Press Tab while hovering over a weapon to flip it.

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i've found that its still possible to get the enemy island above the high altitude limit,

its incredibly difficult to do so, but its still possible

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The forge isn't working correctly. Some of the conversions/trade are not appropriate. 

Got Mudstone[45HP] for 3 Gravel [55HP]

All the [common] blocks give Grass

Yeah, the forge has some strange interactions in the last version. I'm working on fixing/balancing/making better the forge in the next version so we don't get weird things like these popping up.

Thanks for the report!

i just downloaded the game about an hour ago, and i absolutely love it one hour in

I am so glad you are enjoying it! Hop on over to the discord to be apart of the current development of this game!

Sou brasileiro, é possível que em algum momento uma tradução em português seja possível? Eu descobri esse jogo em um vídeo de um canal brasileiro, com uma tradução que o jogo poderia atingir mais pessoas.


Hello! I don't speak Portuguese but thank God for Google Translate. Eventually, I would like to make multiple languages available. However, this game has really only been in development for less than 2 months and is still in the "pre alpha" phase. I (just me) am working on this game full time now, so hopefully we will eventually see a Portugese translation!

Thanks for your patience as I try to make this game available to as many people as possible.


Could be implemented a quantity of gold that always comes when you beat an enemy and you could choose to increase that amount than gold with the loot, it might be possible to buy tecs in the game market, but at a much higher price, since we would have more money.

In 2.0 you can buy techs in the market. I really like the idea of gaining a fixed amount of gold each match. That would make the game a whole lot better in terms of cash flow.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Really awesome! It reminds me of FTL a lot but I like the combat a lot more!

This game was headed in the direction of more controlled combat, but it didn't sit right with the community and me as well. So I'm glad this game is finding its footing in being a different experience from FTL(I live that game though).

Glad you enjoyed it! Join the discord to be active in the development!

Taking forever
Finally got him, though

Nice Job!

This thing is pretty tough huh. It may take awhile before someone beat this legitimately. I guess you have to be pretty lucky with plenty of skills to bring this down. Might try to cheat some extra lifes to beat and try to beat it with 3 lifes next time huh. Hunting for the glitched tier item might be worth it too before the next update.

Good job for creating this monster dev.

Hint: there is a 0% chance of getting a glitched tier item as a drop or crafting it through the forge.

Hi Jwiggs,

i am trying to create a table where you can lookup combinations for the forge.

To do this in the game and do all the combinations takes a long time.

Can you provide me the logic for the forge cominations?

Than i can make a table and provide it for all the players.

Thank you for the awsome game!



(1 edit)

Hi Chris. 

The forge is procedurally generated and uses a seed based of your inputs(doesn't matter about the order) to determine the output. I have run all the available possible combinations of items through my forge algorithm and it looks like we have 15,000+ possible unique recipes. My hope is that players can figure out the basic logic that the forge uses. You might already know this, but I will give a quick rundown anyway.

The forge looks at the majority. If the majority is the same item, then it will try to give you a better version if the item. If the majority is the same type of item(module/weapon/tech) but different individual items, then it will give you an upgrade of one of the items. If all three items are from different categories, then it will give you a random item that is in an upgraded tier. Thats basically it.

I haven't generated the full recipe list for 1.20(i did it for the prerelease). If you join the discord, you might find an old recipe list somewhere if you ask for it, but chances are this list is already outdated.

People in the discord have suggested a recipe book, or some way of showing you what you can forge with your current items. I like the idea, and may implement it sometime in the future. It is not a top priority though, since the next couple of updates are still working at redesigning the core of the game. Maybe once I am satisfied with the core gameplay loop then we will start to see quality of life features like these being added. But you never know. Sometimes when I have some time at the end of an update and want to add some features, I just add them. So it could be at any time, but more likely later than sooner.

Thanks for the feedback. It would be great to see you in the discord to give more suggestive input and direct feedback straight to me. You will also get progress updates on what I'm working on and occasionally I ask members to vote on certain things.


(edit) Sorry for the wordy reply.

Eu já descobri algumas receitas na forja, principalmente para criar armas, no começo achei a forja bugada porque quando destruí totalmente minha ilha para ver melhor meus itens a forja não me deixava forjar nada, só depois de zerar o jogo várias vezes Eu descobri isso, ele poderia ser removido, eu ainda não joguei a versão mais atualizada, então eu não sei o que há de novo no jogo, mas estou ansioso para isso.


The latest update (v2) was a long wait but was worth it. Wow.. The game sure got tougher to beat, usually I can win the game on my first try but this time I was butchered by the realm 7 boss.  Even lost to a common enemy in the first realm. That was my first playthrough actually. I do have some opinions and suggestions (in bold) about the game now tho.

1. The AI is a lot smarter now. They seems to build their island based on my island weakness. I like this changes. It made the game more of a challenge. But later in the game, enemy can still be tricked to pass the high altitude since their island is so vertically big. 

2. The new tech system was awesome. I can see that you had put a lot of effort in them.

3. Shield overloading was also great. The addition of shield gen/second on the island stats was actually nice. I been wanting that for awhile to see how to increase the rate of shield generation.

4. New items are also nice. It adds more replay values which is fun.

5. The removal of weapon limit is kinda like a double-edge sword and I found that fascinating. I thought it will make the game easier but nah it just made the enemies to spam weapons on their island. I had seen enemies in realm 6 with 6 turbo lasers which is scary. And I lost to the realm 7 boss which have 7-8 mortars with  4-5 railgun/beamgun. SUGGESTION: Limiting the amount of the same weapon. This could actually make the forge more useful than it is as they need to upgrade their favourite weapons(e.g. Quickshot to Dualshot) to keep using them due to weapon type limit.

6. For some reason, I was not able to find any buildings. Found a palm tree in realm 2 and a basic shield in the shop in realm and that's it. They seems to become so rare later on or I might be unlucky. SUGGESTION: There should be at least one building sold in the shop as well. It does not seems to be guaranteed sold in any shop on my run and was not mentioned it the latest patch.

7.  The max dodge and real dodge implementation was great. However, the crit reduction due to the increase amount of weapons in the island is too small of a cost.  Since dodging is nerfed (I assumed so since I was not able to dodge often in my run), spaming weapons in your island is actually more favourable than having more crits in my opinion. SUGGESTION: Adding extra weapons will reduce hit rate. Making each weapon to have their own hit rate stat will be nice.

8. Regarding the new electromagnet, it seems more harmful than being a defensive structure.  SUGGESTION: Adding a radius of effect somehow would be nice. Adding one on gravitor's black hole would be good as well. This will make devising strategy easier involving these items.

The game now had became more strategic, thus more challenging and fun. I could have put some images to support my claims but I was so into the game, making me forgot to do so. Sorry for that and for wording mistakes or anything that may hurt you in this long post.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the game. ^.^

WOAH!!! I love it when people come up with a long list of suggestions and feedback (not being sarcastic at all, i really do). And the numbering points helps me with my responses as well. Which are:

1. Enemies don't exactly try to build counters to your island, but they do tend to specialise in a few weapons and eventually you will get hard countered. About enemies still going above the high altitude line, its always been an issue that Ive been trying to fix. I guess it still needs more work on that aspect.

2. I love that you love the new tech system. I put a whole lot of effort into it and had to basically rip out any trace of the old system to make this one work.

3. Once in a while when I play through the game I wish there were certain things in there, one of them being shield generation. So I just stuck it in there and gladly someone else is finding this small feature useful.

4. Totally agree. The new tech adds so much more customisation to the game. Hopefully this update can keep you playing while I work on the next major change. 

5. Im not sure why, but sometimes enemies will stack up a certain weapon, even though they semi randomly choose items from a store. I got wrecked form a realm 3 enemy that stacked 7 mortars. I think he may have had an ammunition stash as well. I really don't want to go back to a hard cap. I think it will work, its just a really cheap game design decision and makes the game feel worse. There should be a larger tradeoff though (which I will discuss later on).

6. At least one building in the shop seems like a fair option to make right now.

7. The idea of weapon accuracy has been suggested a few times in the discord. While it is a great idea, I feel that there could be another way of doing it so that we don't have to introduce a new stat for players to dwell over. I'm thinking of making weapons decrease dodge chance as well. If this still doesn't help, then we might have to go directly to decreasing the hit chance.

8. The electromagnet is great when used right. And by that I mean not how enemies use it. They just stick it somewhere and hope it helps(it doesn't but its funny). A radius could have an interesting effect. The movement update will change a lot, and im hoping from there i can change some more core things.

I am sincerely glad you are enjoying this game as much as I am enjoying making it. You really should pop on over to the discord server since I really appreciate your suggestions. https://discord.gg/uwgpjdr

Wow. Cool. I should try going there ever so often. Might still be doing it here for longer suggestion/opinion like this one.

add creative plz

Awesome game, congrats.

One bug that I've found on the V1.18, sometimes when I remove the warp drive, and remove every block of the island the game does not allow me to put the drive back.

One question, why not put on Steam? 

The enemy AI easily pass the top border if I get close enough, maybe put a little safety net so it won't destroy its own shield generators.

As soon as I get my salary, I'll support for the game. Awesome game.


I have every intention on putting this game on Steam. There should be an awesome update dropping in the next day or so that makes enemies a whole lot smarter. As for the bug, I have received reports and will look into it.

Im glad you enjoyed playing the game! Thanks for the feedback! Do join the discord if you want to be apart of the game's development.

(1 edit)

my game does not save

every time i return to the menu, the game resets

and how do i make it the 1.18 version (itch updated iislands of war automatically to 1.0 version)

i have iislands of war on the itch app


Thanks for helping me clear things up. I was not really sure how the itch app works with the auto updates. I guess it just updates the game with whatever was uploaded last. Sorry about this.

When I uploaded the legacy file, it must have replaced the latest version with the legacy one. I have just re uploaded the 1.18 so that hopefully itch updates it back to the normal one.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Your save should still be in tact since the legacy version did not have any saving or loading capabilities.


(1 edit)

This game is amazing! You guys should play it!

Hey man! Great game, i watch it on Scrapman's youtube channel. i have an macOS Sierra Version 10.12.3 and when i downloaded the .dmg file and opened it, it showed an error that there is no mountable files....... Could anyone please help me with it as i would really like to play the game!!!

I'm really sorry about that. This is somehow an issue with older vserions of the macOS software.

The only known solutions right now are to try re downloading, restarting, or using a different browser. If none of those options work, then it would be great to know what mac you are on.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

me too I watch from Scrapman's channel I love this I always wonder how to download so I go to this website. And if you have an error read the note up there.

why cant i put guns on the same number in this update?

Are you talking about the LEGACY version?

Im not sure how to make it more clear, but the LEGACY version is the original jam submission. Thats why its v1.0.

and the other version? were did it go

1.18 is still up here on the site.

(1 edit)

first time winning


I hope to have Chinese



由于这个游戏还处于早期开发阶段,我还没有专注于支持多种语言。 然而,一旦这个游戏即将完成,我希望将其翻译成最常见的语言,中文排在前三位。

我希望你仍然可以玩游戏,因为游戏中的文字不多。 感谢您的支持!

I'm using google translate so pardon the bad translation.

Since this game is still in very early development, I am not focusing on supporting multiple languages yet. However, once this game is nearing completion, I will hope to translate it into the most common languages, Chinese being in the top 3.

I hope you can still play the game since there is not much text in the game. Thanks for the support!

I don't speak Chinese but I did use Google Translate.

If you need help to translate to portuguese, hmu.

hi i have a idea fora new mode so to speak so what if you added a mode where you have  unlimited of every thing and where energy health etc is much higher in blocks so dirt 10 hp/ obsidian 100 etc please consider it and reply thanks

Unlimited mode is coming in the endless update.

Health and damage is higher is coming in the next update

Absolutely wonderful game!  I sincerely hope you continue to develop this.

I am totally developing this more. I'm doing my best to get updates out ASAP during this alpha phase of the game. Hop on over to the discord to give some feedback into the development!

What an amazingly nice and addictive adorable game.

There are some issues I'd like to point out.
- You can trick the AI into crossing the high altitude and it would break their shields. Not that it's unfair or bad, but it can kind of give too much of an easy advantage.
- Also you can close the game at any encounter before leaving to the map, and in this way to reroll the encounter and it's reward.  This allows player to cheat...
- But it's also the only way to save the island you like if you don't want to be stuck after the final boss. If I have an island I like but I want to try out other tech, I kind of have to rewrite the save with a new game.
- It sure would be lots of fun if the game goes multiplayer.

This is the island I had most fun so far. Also the most powerful one.

Because whenever I'm firing my lazors I cut their islands in half.

So I guess I can say, I got your... nose?

It took me like 5 restarts to aim both at shields and "nose" without damaging other structure much. But yea, with this weapon alignment I often just destroyed other islands in one charge.

Thanks for this good game. Best wishes for your future projects.

Nice job beating the final boss! Anyways heres my answers to the things you pointed out.

-Tricking the AI into going above/below the danger lines is a strategy for now. The next update is working on making enemies smarter in many respects, including this one.

-Leaving the game right before you die or to get loot was never directly intended, but happened as a result of the save game mode. For now, I don't really care so much about how people cheat and hack the game, since it is a single player game and ultimately, you will know if you had to cheat to defeat the final boss.

-Multiplayer surely would be fun. I would also love to play this in multiplayer, but I need to solidify the core gameplay first, which is still evolving drastically. 

-Lining up all your weapons is such a good strategy, enemies in the next update have started to get smarter and put their weapons together.

- I'm thinking of nerfing lasers a little since they are undoubtedly the best weapon in the game. Maybe making them not deal damage to shields might make other weapons more viable without completely destroying the power of lasers.

Thanks for your awesome feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed this game. It's not over yet though. In fact, this is only the beginning, since it has only been in development for the past two months. If you want to stay involved in the future direction of the game, come on over to the discord. I have given the community a while lot of power in deciding the future direction of the game, like the weapon groups and soon, unlimited weapons. Not to mention all the other smaller contributions they have made.

Hope to see you there!

I tried to write another message in discord feedback section, but an angry bot ate it. Guess it was too long of a message. Just wanted to put all my thoughts out. Alright, I'll try it out here.
Lasers aren't overpowered.
I've played quite a lot games and tried stacking up different weapons, here are my thoughts on weapon balance.
- Best weapons:
Ions + 2nd highest damage in the game, and they ignore shields. - Pointless early on.
Missiles + The highest damage in the game. Fast, precise, ignore dodge chance, basic (need no energy structures). - Deflectable.
- Good weapons:
Crystals + penetrate shields, basic, - low focus damage.
Firearms + good early on, decent damage output, advance fire, very good against shield.
Lazers + Fast, precise, good focus, nondeflectable, - Require a lot of structure to be useful. Bad against shields.
- Situational/bad weapons:
Mortars - bad aim, low damage, only good if the opponent doesn't return fire.
Beam - eats tons of energy, extremely bad against shields, cannot crit and is stopped by armor.
Plasma - too slow, very bad against shields, cannot crit, stopped by armor, very easy to dodge.
- "what happened there?" weapons:
Tier 5 Turbolaser, size 3 over time does the same damage as Tier 4 Dual Laser, size 2.
Tier 5 "Mega Cannon": size 3, damage 10, CD 10. One boring, slow, forever alone, easily avoidable friendzoned projectile.
Tier 4 "Dual Missiles": size 3, damage 5x2, CD 8. Two interesting, rapid, always together unavoidable projectiles.
Mega Cannon is still one of the highest dps...

- Generally "bad" weapons are bad because they take too much effort/time to make them work, while other weapons can achieve same or better results faster. Sure beam can cut down all the shielding in a good shot. But for the time trying to make that shot happen crystals may already take down good amount of structure.
- Similarly "best" weapons are kinda just better version of "good".  You may have a good aim and pierce blocks with lasers. But doing so with missiles would be even more devastating simply because missiles have more damage.
- Not as if they just better, weapons have their own strategic advantages. Lasers are at their strongest when they are focused together in one line. That is because their projectiles are fast. Firearms don't have fast projectiles, and that allows them to fire in advance from above/below to disable shields. It's very hard to advance fire with lasers.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that forging items seems to be detrimental. There usually enough space for everything, so why should anyone switch 3 floatrons_2 with 1500 power and 6% dodge to 1 floatron_3 with 1000 power and 3% dodge? Sometimes forge can be good for arguably shields, blocks and weapons. But then again, 3 machine guns combined have nearly exact same stats as 2 gatling guns, why switch them for just 1 gatling gun?

Also sometimes shops are very risky. They sometimes even give just one or two types of items, like only blocks or blocks, and generators. Maybe someone already suggested that, but it would be nice if shops had some sort of fixation so that at least 1 item of each type would be there - 1 weapon, 1 block, 1 structural ect...
Sorry for long post just wanted to share my thoughts on the game.
Okay I hope this time the message comes thru.

Wow. Thank you for all of this weapon feedback. I have just gone through all the weapons and rebalanced them based on some of the changes in the next update. While I was balancing yesterday, I noticed that the turbo laser and mega cannon were both in weird places with respect to their dps.

In this next update, I have made weapons significantly heavier. This is due to the fact that you can now have unlimited weapons on your island. There is also going to be a new dodging and crit system. With dodging, the less extra thrust you have, the less you will dodge. With crits, every weapon lowers your crit chance by a set amount(each weapons lowers it the same) and only the core gives you an island wide crit chance.

With these changes, I want the "spam every weapon till they die" to still be viable, but I also want the "slowly and strategically" strategies to be good as well.

This in turn may also help the forge if you are going for the more carefully planned strategies. BTW, you don't have to put 3 weapons in the forge to get a weapon. Putting in 2 weapons and a non-weapon will still give you a weapon. Also putting in a block, module and weapon has the chance of giving you a weapon as well. 

Shops do have fixed items in them. Each shop always carries a decent block, a module, a weapon, and a tech(in the new update) and a floatron.

Sorry about the bot deleting your wall of text. It does that to try to prevent spammers(we had some a while back).

Thank you so much for the feedback!

I'd like to make a suggestion about beams.  Perhaps you could take a page out of FTL's book and make it so beams only penetrate if their damage is higher than the shield's health at the moment of impact, but they don't reduce shield hp.  I don't remember if I've seen any beams with individual damage higher than 1, so maybe it would be if the collective damage of all beams hitting the shields at that moment is higher than the current shield hp, or the collective damage of all beams hitting the same level of the shield, not just anywhere on the shield, is higher than the shield hp at that time, the beams penetrate (or in case #2, just beams on that level) but still don't damage the shield (unless, of course, the beams destroy a shield generator) and maybe even, like with FTL, they loose 1 point of damage they can inflict for each "layer" (shield hp) in the way of the beam.  This would potentially fulfill your thought of making them not damage shields, but also perhaps be slightly more logical, since a shield would logically not be able to stop a weapon more powerful than itself, just reduce the damage.  In other words, you could damage a shielded enemy if your beam attack was more powerful than their shield, but not with the full damage of an uninhibited beam, and it wouldn't outright leave the enemy unprotected against normal, more direct weapons that can't just have their energy scattered like a beam.  Even lasers couldn't, since from a realism point of view, for beams and lasers to travel at different speeds, the laser is probably more akin to a blast of ionized gas.

Thanks for upping the drops by enemies, but could you remove the limit on techs?


The next update is going to be a tech rework update. Heres a quick overview: no tech limits, no weapon limits, and tech is placeable inside modules. 

Check out the discord for more info and updates on the progress.

hi how did you do that cheat/hack ?

lucky drops, I guess. Also save editing, but I can't do it anymore, the save files are too secure, good job jwiggs.

how do you edit the save files?

Once again, I can't do it anymore, the save files are too secure, good job jwiggs.

(1 edit) (+1)

i can't open the game in my mac and i don't know why 

The problem might be because you are using El Capitan or an older mac version. I'm not sure why this happens but I can't seem to be able to fix this. The only current solution is to update your software to a newer version.


How do you set weapons to different buttons? I want to be able to fire everything at once.

To fire everything at once, you can press the ~/` (tilde/backtick) button or middle click.

To set weapons to different buttons, just hover your mouse over them in the island builder and push the key you want them to bind to. max of 8 weapons per key bind.

It doesn't really work

Make sure its the 1.18 version, there was a recent upload of the LEGACY (1.0) that auto updated if you use the itch.io app.

(1 edit)

no mountable file system?

The problem might be because you are using El Capitan or an older mac version. I'm not sure why this happens but I can't seem to be able to fix this. The only current solution is to update your software to a newer version.

so now before it has to delete its self I tryed to launch it but it said that ther is a problem and then I have to instal it again. :(

sincerely a guy that realy wants the game.

I'm running into a bug on version 1.18, my forge will not craft anything no matter the combo of ingredients

You must have money and a working Island to craft

I have finally downloaded it and after days of playing the story mode Ive finally beat it due to this glitch where if you lose and close the the game and re-open it it wont take the life away so ive used this to beat the boss but once i beat it theres no endless mode or any after story stuff its just like oh u beat the dark order good for you and it just leaves you there i know its in beta or something but why no congrats for beating it?

Maybe we have to wait for the new version for that

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Thanks for the game !


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