Enemy and Weapons Balance v2.7


Enemies in v2.6 were too difficult, which in turn made the game unenjoyable and frustrating. Unfortunately, this was due to me not testing the game. I tested all the individual parts of it to keep it as bug free as possible, but yet failed to literally sit down and actually play the game. Now that I have done that, I have made many minor tweaks and changes that should make the game feel a whole lot better again.

Enemy Balances

The biggest problem with enemies were that they were waaay too difficult. Too much health, too much damage, and too many shields. So here are all the changes I have made to enemies.

  • Enemy health decreased
  • Enemy shield amount decreased and capped relative to the realm
  • Enemy size decreased
  • Assassins have less weapons
  • Frigates have more health
  • Triremes are smaller to go faster
  • Bombers have more weapons
  • Super enemy and bosses are slightly easier
  • First realm boss is no longer a dreadnought (that was unfair)

In addition, I have also given each class their own accuracy stat. It works to offset their seemingly perfect aim to that they won't perfectly predict their shots. Assassins have the best aim, while other classes have pretty bad aim. This should also make the game easier, since the enemies will no longer hit 90% of their shots.

Weapons Balances

Some weapons needed a second look. Their numbers didn't exactly make sense relative to the other weapons and certain numbers needed to be tweaked for their range.

  • Spreadgun/Shotgun damage increased from 10/12 to 15/18
    • Shotguns have had short ranges since the movement update while remaining at the same damage despite their shortcomings (pun intended). This should make them more viable as short range burst weapons.
  • Ternion damage decreased from 10 to 8, and cooldown increased from 6.5 to 8 seconds
    • Looking at the ternion's stats, it did not really fit in as a common weapon. It was doing nearly 4.6 damage per second, would fire 3 shots, deal the same damage as a cannon, and had a lower cooldown. It was undoubtedly an upgrade from the cannon when it was supposed to be on the same level. These changes should bring it to where it should be, and still give it a slight edge over the cannon.
  • Flare/Superflare cooldown increased from 8/9 to 10/11, and damage increased to 1/2
    • Previously, flares could be fired almost every time a volley was inbound, and were a little too powerful. Their damage increase is absolutely minimal, and I want to experiment to see how this minor buff works out.
  • Laser and Dual Laser damage increased from 30 to 45
    • All energy weapons require you to obtain the necessary components to use them, as well as maintain your island in battle so that they can still continue to be used. Their damages were sub par, and with the extra energy requirements, they were not worth the effort. Hopefully with these damage buffs they will be able to deal more raw damage then their counterparts for the extra effort.
  • Turbolaser damage increased from 70 to 90, and cooldown increased from 7 to 8 seconds
    • Same idea as the lasers, it was struggling to find its place with exactly the same DPS as the megacannon. While not dealing as much damage, its higher rate of fire gives it a higher DPS now, making it a better weapon use for critical tech.

Loot Changes

If you didn't notice, there was a nerf to loot in the v2.6, with higher rarity loot being a little bit more rare throughout the entire game. I forgot to include it in the previous patch notes and this only added to the game being harder. While those changes have not been changed, I have made some other changes to reward higher risk play.

  • Super enemies give loot from the next realm
    • In addition to gaining more loot, the loot table it checks while giving loot is from the next realm, giving you a better chance of getting better items.
  • Treasure gives loot from the next realm
    • Same thing as the super enemies, but for treasure. Even though this is a lower risk path, the treasure only provides 2 loot, as opposed to the super enemies giving you 4, so it is still objectively worse than the super enemies, and arguably better than normal enemies.
  • Bosses give loot from the next two realms
    • Since you will be leaving the realm anyways, the boss drops really really good loot to reward you for your hard work of getting to that stage. Don't worry, if you are in realm 7 or 8, it will still give you two extra tiers of loot, which is still increases your chances of the highest tier items.

Final Remarks

Once again, sorry that that last update was very difficult. That was totally my fault and oversight. I was really rushing to get the movement out in time for halloween (and we still missed that) that I forgot about the balancing.

I hope that this quick patch fixes most of the problems brought up in the previous update! Leave your comments below or join the discord to help improve the game even more!


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Nov 04, 2018
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