Movement (II) Update v2.93


Welcome to the second part of the movement update! In this update, I have introduced some cool features such as a new movement calculation system, recoil, knockback, as well as a ton of quality of life improvements! This update is also 100% compatible with updates greater than v2.6, so you will not have to start over completely by downloading this new update!

Acceleration and Speed

In the first movement update, your acceleration was partly based on your island shape. In this update, your maximum horizontal and vertical speeds have been replaced with a single terminal velocity speed. This speed is dependent on your island shape, and your thrust. The acceleration is now no longer based on your island shape, but now based on your thrust and your mass. In short, your thrust now plays a much larger part in determining the speed of your island. 

Because of the changes to maximum speed, your terminal velocity is actually a whole lot bigger than it was in previous updates. So you should feel faster and differences in speeds of enemies should also feel greatly magnified.

Zipping around.

Recoil and Knockback

Weapons now have recoil and knockback! Recoil is added to the island shooting and knockback is added to islands getting shot. Simple as that. Different weapons have different recoil and knockback values. These can be helpful to give you a little boost or can knock you around to the danger zones.

Pew pew.

Relative Velocity

You might have also noticed that the bullet in the gif above didn't travel horizontally like when it was aimed. That is due to relative velocity. Simply put, if your island is moving to the right and you fire your weapon downwards, the projectile created will not only move downwards, but will also have the added velocity of moving to the right from your island. 

See how the bullet is actually travelling down and to the right?

This can make for some interesting plays, especially with mortars since you will now have more control over the arc that they are fired in.

Pause and Lives

Need a break while in battle? Has your mom suddenly asked you to do your chores but you can't since you are mid battle? Well now, you can!

pixelated pixel background

Now, you might be thinking, "Hmmm, time to abuse quitting the match before I lose." Well, not anymore. I guess this is gonna be one of the less popular changes, but it was needed especially with the pause menu. 

Basically, once you start a battle, the game automatically deducts a life in the background. Once the battle is complete, you will be refunded the life back. However, if the game is quit before the battle is over, you simply don't get your life back, meaning you just lost a life. 

Cursor and Crosshair

Introducing cursors and crosshairs! The cursor is probably what you will be seeing most of the game. The crosshair is basically your cursor, just only used in its place during battle. Different styles are available in the settings.

just pretend the mouse is invisible. my screen capture messed up

Quality of Life

Lots and lots of quality of life improvements to make the game feel a whole lot better.

Auto-selected weapon groups

Weapon groups that do not contain floatrons or drifters are now automatically selected when you start a battle.

Removed auto-fire

Auto-firing weapons was masking the potential of the laser trigger. In the future, I would like to implement more trigger techs, so as of now, there is no way to toggle the group auto-fire.

Laser trigger

Now that the laser trigger is viable, I fully fixed the raycast so that it actually will shoot when enemies are there. It also has a nice aiming laser so you can see what direction it faces.

Shift +Keybind

This used to toggle autofire, but since that is removed, it will now toggle the selection of a group.

Lose Condition

You can no longer be defeated by simply having too little vertical thrust. All floatrons must be destroyed in order to achieve a victory or defeat.

Advanced Drifter Tweak

Advanced drifters now have more than double the thrust of a basic drifter, making it a viable forging option.

New Camera

The camera now tries to keep both you and the nearest enemy on the screen at the same time. If it cannot do that, it will still try to keep you on the screen.

Enemy indicator

If the camera cannot keep the enemy in view, an indicator will appear so you know where the enemy will be coming from.


Ever wanted to get those action packed screenshots but couldn't take them fast enough? Enable the auto-screenshot setting and the game will try and take the most action packed screenshots and save them to game's local directory located in your %appdata% or your ~/Library/ApplicationSupport based on Windows and Mac respectively.

Game size

The game's size is a whole lot smaller thanks to a feedback that the audio files should probably be compressed. This means that the audio will take a bit longer to load but the game download will be really speedy.

Homing missiles

Yeah, seems OP. Pls nerf.


When you get hit, you will know you got hit. Ramming and getting rammed feels like you are getting rammed, and it is AWESOME.

Damage numbers

100 damage should not be the same size as 1 damage. So now, you will know if that critical megacannon shot hit. It also looks and feels really satisfying.

Function Keys

F11 and F12 toggle fullscreen and fps display respectively. Sadly these do not work on macOS.


    Darkstone (mythic)

    Molten Rock (mythic)

    Arcnite (mythic)

    Magmium (glitched)

Missile Barrage (legendary)

    Missile Annihilator (mythic)

Balance Changes

  • Enemies have less range and are smaller
  • Forging is now around 17% cheaper
  • Mass of trees decreased from 30/40/50 to 15/20/25 to make them more useful
  • Increased range of all weapons
  • Hid a secret code in a gif this devlog
  • Tweaked artillery weapons firing arc
  • Increased compressed dirt mass from 15 to 18 tons and health increased by 1
  • Aerogel changed to glitched rarity for backwards compatibility. Will be removed in a future update
  • Enemies now factor in rarity when choosing blocks for their island

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where....

  • forge would sometimes give you worse items
  • forging top tier items would hang the game
  • you could place more tech than you actually had
  • an mortar description that said "launches an shell vertically"
  • spykes said that they both were absorbed by shields and pierced shields
  • tech could be duplicated
  • the tech selector would go out of bounds and crash the game
  • tech modifiers would be empty and not show up
  • you could craft glitched blocks

Final Remarks

Hopefully this update will add a little more movement, action, and strategy to the game with better movement and knockback! This is only the second part of who knows how many movement updates. The next update is coming very soon! 


IIslands Of War v2.93 21 MB
Nov 29, 2018
IIslands of War v2.93 Mac.dmg 23 MB
Nov 29, 2018

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Could you please tell me what colour the letters are wrote in.




The color is a slight change from the background. Don't worry if you can't find it, it doesn't add anything to the game. 

Good luck hunting!

i've been looking for half an hour but i cant find it

such frustrated

Hi there,

It appears for a small amount of time and blends very nicely. Don't worry if you can't find it. It doesn't add any new content to the game at all.

Good luck (if you're still looking).

Does the secret code show up for a single frame?

Possibly :)

what does the Secret Code unlock


The secret code doesn't unlock any extra game content, but it does give you a special tool that you can play around with. It's not really for entertainment as it is a developer tool, but you can still mess around with it a bit. 

Could I Get A Hint To The Secret Code

Its hidden in a gif,  visible for a very short time and is written in massive letters. Good luck!

a gif on this update post? and also the gif below  the reletave velocity part doesint seem to work

It didn't seem to work for me too

Another hint? One of the first three gifs. The pause isn't a gif btw.

the gif below  the reletave velocity part works but doesint loop

Deleted 2 years ago

To Jwiggs,

Can you please make it possible to download and run the legacy systems (older versions) so I can be nostalgic with the old tech systems and stuff. Love the game anyway!

Hi there!

Multiple people have asked for previous versions of the game and I have told them all the same thing. I am not distributing previous versions of the game since the game is still in its alpha phase. The reason for this is that some of the older versions are incredibly buggy and crash (a lot). I also wouldn't want to receive bug reports from older versions that may have been fixed in a newer version. Feel free to personally keep all the versions you have downloaded, I can't stop you there, but as the developer I am not going to be handing out the previous version downloads just yet.

That being said, I have left v1.0 up which was the game jam version. Also, when the game gets a full release, I might also release a full release of every single version I have worked on (I have a large archive by now and its only gonna get larger).

Thanks for asking!

I love this update! Movement is so much smoother, and the game play is more enjoyable. However, I do have a few complaints. Because islands move so much faster, I've shot up, out of bounds several times. Even if I stop the vertical thrusters the moment I see the red line, the momentum would carry me out of bounds, and my island would be destroyed. Either increase the gravity (which would require you recalibrate thrust and mass) or reduce the damage being out of bounds does.

Also, now that you can't quit the game when you're losing, it's almost impossible to beat the game. It's very hard to survive the 8 realms, and the final boss is WAY too OP. Even before this update, I never managed to beat it. I understand that you want to make this game difficult, but please add an option to set how many lives you have.


From what I have found, in v2.7 movement was a little slow. In v2.93 movement is a little too fast. I am actively working now to find a good balance where you don't feel slow, but you don't travel at light speed either (same for enemies).

With regards to the difficulty of the game, I think I might have a small solution to that in the next update. Yes, the game is meant to be hard, but so hard that you will never ever beat the final boss. So I'm gonna work on balancing the difficulty out.

Thanks for your feedback!


So, if I may or may not found the secret code, where do I enter the code?


Just start typing in the code (or whatever the code might mean). It should be mostly self explanatory if you have the correct code. After you have finished entering the code, press enter and then you will unlock a super special secret.

Congratulations on figuring it out! Hope it wasn't too difficult but not a walk in the park either!

what is the code plz tell me

and what does it unlock

that would ruin all the "fun" ( it was horrible) that the jwiggs wants you to have

what is it?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Heyyy, rly loved (and love) playing this game!

Just a small suggestion? Could you put something at the end after the final boss? It was a small let down when i cleared the game and there wasn´t anything after it, not even go back to main menu... 

Thx! and once again, great game! Hoping for more updates in the future!


Glad you enjoyed playing this game! Yes! I have some fun little plans to do something after the main menu. Some sort of congrats for playing and stuff. Also just in case you were wondering, there is gonna be something cool that you can do outside of these "campaign runs" that should really add a lot of fun to the game.

Thanks for the feedback! Join the discord server if you want a whole lot more updates!

Thanks for replying! Yes I have already joined on discord! 

Umm what is that extra going to be?.....

I will keep following this game development!

*Typo in the last message, i meant there will be something extra after the final boss, not main menu.

Either way, the something extra is a surprise (I do love surprises) and so you are gonna trust me when I add some "super special secret changes".

Thanks for following this game! There is so much I have in store!


Google Translated message:

Hello author, this update I found a very interesting thing. When I was above the enemy, the enemy would commit suicide by pushing the bottom border because of the recoil of the weapon, and it was very easy to do. This clearance is very easy haha.


I really really tried making enemies suicide as little as possible but they are still really really dumb. I will work on giving them a little more common sense so they just don't die on you.

Glad you enjoyed the update and thanks for the feedback!

Hi! i really love your game and i think its mecanics are pretty unique!

I have to also report a bug in this last version that i spotted, in the island eddit mode there is no sand anymore, if you have it ion your island and you "erase" the blocks you will no longer be able to put them back bcs they are not in the menu anymore! Hope you can fix this issue in the next update.

Keep it up dude! Your game is very cool!


Thanks for reporting the bug! However, I have tried replicating this and cannot seem to do so. I put sand on my island and when I erased it all, the sand went back to the inventory. Could you send a screenshot or provide more details so that I can fix the problem.

Thanks a ton!


I have to say i could not find the bug anymore bcs i died in that point so i think it has to do with the change between versions and the new one. When you start a new game it does not happend anymore. I have to also say that i won the game in like 30 minutes due to a trick that i think you might want to know now with new new update and the changes in the movements. Now you can kill any enemy (in realm 3 and above) just by  flying up to the very top, waitng to the enemy to reach you and the falling to the bottom line. If you do this the enemy will probably follow you (and if you are fast enought and have enought propulsion) you can stop above the line but the enemy wil fall bellow it. That way you will be able to end the game without firing a single bullet. It is kind of a pasifist route to follow-

Hmm. That strategy does seem to be a bit overpowered. Let me see what I can do to tweak that.