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how do I get into creative mode? 

hold space while making a new game

Just wanted to say that you can still escape losing a life with the exit-to-menu trick. All you have to do is press esc when the game puts up the "Defeat" and then click the menu button to leave. When you continue, you'll still have the same amount of lives as before you started the battle.

Hello! Thanks for the report! Yeah, that can be a problem now. I shall have that fixed for the next update.

Thanks again!

hey, i saw Scrapman's video on creative mode and im interested because there is no in the game nor a save file to download

Hey there!

Creative mode hasn't been publicly announced mainly due to the fact that creative mode takes away from the thrill of finding all the items yourself.

That being said, simply hold space while creating a new game to enable creative mode.

Have fun!

finnaly the update arrives!

also my pc crashed a few days ago so i cant play the game yet so just out of curiosity is there a survival or endless mode or something like that?


An endless mode is being planned and is the next big set of updates once I finish everything I need to do with movement (could be another month or two). It's gonna be massive and have a lot of cool things and will probably be coming in different parts like the movement updates have been.

I personally can't wait for it, but one thing at a time is what I keep having to tell myself to stay on track with what is best for the game.

You know what would be cool an upgrade module to increase the turning speed of the weapons.

Hi there!

The servo motor is a legendary tech that increases the rotation speed of weapons.

An amazing game that's very similar to Cosmoteer (my favorite game)! Lots of fun, and randomized enemies mean you see different combinations. I just with there was a creative mode, or a way to set lives to max.


I gotta say, it is an incredible honour that someone would even compare my game to an awesome game such as Cosmoteer! Thanks for that.

Technically, there is a creative mode in the game. If you join the discord and ask around, I'm pretty sure someone will be more than happy to share all the little secrets about the game! I would put it here, but then everybody can see it and it wouldn't be so much of a secret anymore.

But an official creative mode is being dreamt up. Its not exactly creative mode, but if you play long enough you should have all the items to where is basically counts as creative. So something like a sandbox with progression.

Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it!








(1 edit)

Google Translated Message:

I really like this game. I really hope that the author will get better and better. I have some ideas and suggestions. I don't know if the developer will accept it:

1. Cancel the upper and lower boundaries and the gravity system to change to the regional boundary. For example, a circular boundary allows the player to freely move up and down in the area.

2. Change the reward mechanism and construction mechanism, and change the collection of ore resources so that players can use their own ore and resources to build weapons and squares, such as destroying the enemy's squares or parts, dropping ore and resources, or in the map area. Set up mines to mine and collect through damage or certain specific equipment.

3. Change the mechanism of weapons, shields, and energy. The cooling time of the weapon is cancelled and replaced with the amount of ammunition, the speed of shooting, and the speed of changing the bomb. Ammunition can be built on its own using ore or some of the resources collected. Energy and shields can also be provided by consuming ore or resources.

4. Expand the degree of freedom of the map, the player can freely enter and exit the map, so that if the ammunition is finished, you can choose to retreat. This is more humane, and there is a reason to know that it is hard to beat the hard bar. If you don't want the player to retreat so easily, you can increase the mechanism of the enemy's pursuit or the withdrawal penalty mechanism.

The above four are my personal ignorance, I don't know if the developer can adopt it. My ability to express is a bit poor, and some places may not be clearly expressed. If I can, I will summarize it and send a document to the developer.

Finally, I wish the developer the better.


It was really really interesting to read your post. I did get help from some friends who speak Chinese to clarify up some of the points where the translation seems sketchy. So heres my response to your four points.

1. This was a very interesting one to think about. While I don't exactly think a circular boundary is the solution, I do agree that there is a weird issue with how the map works right now, especially with the whole looping thing going on. MY plans in the future is to have players be able to explore a large area. If the area is a shop or loot then they cold go around looking for a friendly island or a loot box floating around to interact with.

2. From the sounds of this, it sounds like you want me to create crafting items that serve no purpose on the island, but can be forged and crafted into the blocks and items on your island. Then you would earn these items instead and probably have more control over your island design. That part could actually work in a much future update (you'll see what I mean when we get there). As for setting up mines, it takes away from the rogue like feel to the game and turns it more into a survival game.

3. Ammunition, my old friend... Early in the original prototype development a basic ammo system was actually in place for your floatrons. You would have a certain amount of fuel and when it ran out, your floatrons just stopped working and you died. It felt pretty terrible. A day before I would submit the prototype, I woke up with this crazy idea: what would happen if we removed fuel from the game? Turns out, the game became immensely more fun and infinitely less frustrating. With regards to weapon ammunition, I'm not exactly sure how that will impact the game, but I feel a player has enough to worry about already without having to think about stocking up on ammunition and fuel.

4. This one is interesting because of an update I have been planning basically since the start of the game. Firstly,  a surrender option would be cool, or just some way to forfeit the rewards and move on but take a life of damage. Secondly, I feel that this kind goes back to point 1. If the map was made bigger, and you could explore it, I would most probably remove the looping feature so that if you wanted to retreat, you could just run away like a little coward. 

Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions! You have given me quite a lot to consider and I really like thought provoking comments like this! 

(edited for chinese translation):













Hello Author, let me reinterpret my second suggestion:

I mean destroying enemy islands will drop ores. Players can collect ores into warehouses. Then use the ore in the warehouse to make weapons and build islands.

For example, destroying an enemy gravel Island,it will drop 1 kg of gravel ore,players can collect 1 kg of gravel ore into the warehouse.Then the construction material of a piece of gravel is set to be 1 kg gravel,Gatling manufactures 1 kg of material,players can use 1 kg of gravel ore to build a gravel island or a Gatling.

Let me correct the translation,矿(mine)and 地雷(mine)english translation is  same.I mean setting up a mining area on a map is not deploying mines.

The author must have played with the Slay the Spire. I don't think the card rewards for  Slay the Spire are very suitable for this game,so I put forward the suggestion of using minerals to build islands and weapons.



Translated message (with Google Translate):

I really like this game if you can have more languages, especially China.

Hi there!

Support for multiple languages will probably be in the game, but it will not be anytime soon due to the fact that the game is still very much in its alpha stage. The entire gameplay experience hasn't been fully developed yet.

I hope you are still able to mostly get the hang of the game and still enjoy it!

Translated message(with Google Translate):


游戏可能会支持多种语言,但由于游戏仍处于alpha阶段,因此不会很快。 整个游戏体验尚未完全开发。


when will the next update come?

i love this game as hell but once i complete it there is nothing to do.also add survival made and more realms

Hi there!

I'm working on these updates as fast as I can.

With regards for there being nothing to do, I have a solution in one of these next upcoming updates. Its gonna be a massive change that will make the game a whole lot more replayable. This game is currently in its alpha phase so there are a lot more cool changes to come!

Thanks for your support and patience through these updates!

sure thanks!!!!!

Hey!! I downloaded the mac version on my Early 2015 MacBook Pro with Mojave 10.14.1    It showed that the disk was damaged and did not open up....

And I cant seem to talk in the discord server.......


The game seems to have problems running on the 2015 MacBook Pros. I'm not exactly sure what the cause is but you can try downloading it with another browser or updating your OS (but you are updated to Mojave so this is for all the other people with this problem). 

If you haven't yet, you can also try typing this in your terminal:

sudo spctl --master-disable

What this does is allows apps downloaded from anywhere, as this option was removed from the security and privacy settings a while back.

Hope this helps!

Hi! I downloaded windows 10 using bootcamp and now it works perfectly. THANX! :) ps. very cool profile pic

really need to increase floatron spawn rate. if you dont get lucky and find one there is no way to progress

Hi there!

I am changing the movement calculations for speed and acceleration so that you will not need so many floatrons as the game progresses. This will also make it so that your maximum speed can be increased simply by adding more thrust. These changes will be in the next update.

However, floatrons will always be sold in shops! This slightly reduces the RNG and of course, you can always try to forge them.

Thanks for the feedback! I will keep an eye on the floatron drop rate as more and more modules are added to the game.

wow, thanks for a quick and clear answer!

is there a sandbox mode? if so i haven't found it and if it is after the final boss then that sucks


There is a super secret sandbox in the game, and it doesn't require you to edit the save file or anything strange like that. Simply hold the space bar while creating a new game until the transition to the map is complete and voila, items for days. As the game developer though, I will warn you that playing the sandbox takes the fun out of discovering new items in the game and figuring out what they do. But, chances are you have probably already found all the new items since it looks like you've been playing for a while and gotten to the final boss.

Hope this answered the question and enjoy!

Thanks *nose knock*


(1 edit)

Original Message translated with Google Translate and a couple edits:

The calculation of flight speed gives me a lot of headaches. I have a lot of floatrons but the maximum speed is difficult to increase. I suggest to change the flight speed calculation formula and to improve the drop probability of the floatrons.

Hello there,

I don't speak Chinese but I have Google translate and a friend helped me a bit. From what I am hearing, it seems like there are two issues here. Firstly, that acceleration is too slow and you have a hard time finding floatrons (ejectors). Secondly, that the drop rate for floatrons are too low and the drop chance should be increased.

I have made some changes to address the first issue coming in the next update. I am still playing around with the exact numbers but I have changed the way the calculations for speed and acceleration are handled. Firstly, the acceleration in now only based on mass and thrust. It used to also account in maximum speed but that has been removed. The second change is that maximum speed takes into shape as well as thrust. These changes have been good for both the players and the enemies you are fighting against.

With regard to the drop rate of floatrons, I feel that they are in the right spot after making the changes. I'm not sure if you are aware, but every shop will always contain a floatron. That might help you for now.

Thanks for your feedback!

Google Translate:






Could you give more freedom with the keybinds? Being required to control movement and firing with your left feels clunky when you're aiming with your right. Or, instead of more keybind freedom, make the default key for firing left mouse button.

Hello! One of the improvements on my TODO list for the next update is to give the game a quick help menu that can be pulled up with the F1 key (from what  I've heard, this the default help key). Reason for this, is that there is actually a system for firing with the mouse, its just a little wonky. 

The current system I have in place is that the left mouse button fires only your selected groups. Groups can be selected by left clicking on the appropriate groups down at the bottom of the screen. Selected groups will show all of the weapons in that specific group. The fire all key used to be ~, but that has since been changed to the right mouse button. The reason for the weapon selection is that I wanted to give players the option to fire their core weapons (the ones that primarily deal damage) without having to fire everything. That way you can have all your core weapons in a single group, select it in battle, and only fire those without having to fire your flares or wind weapons at the same time.

I think the main problem with this system is that it takes a lot of work to go and select groups to fire since they are already fixable with the key binds.

That being said, if nobody knows about the controls, it probably means that the controls are not intuitive enough. I have plans to make a weapon group visualise tab in the editor(like the shop or forge tabs, but to toggle settings like autofire/selection before the battle). Eventually(not sure when, hopefully soon) I will get around to implementing editable hotkeys, which is great. but still won't solve all of these problems.

I would love to hear more of your feedback in the discord, especially on your suggestions for the firing system!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate comments like this.

Thank you for your quick and thorough reply!

When i wanth to extract or open the folder it said that it have nothing in, please help me

Hi! Could you provide me with a few more details so that I can better assist you with this problem? For example which Windows/Mac version you are on and what tool you are trying to extract it with would be great. You can also join the Discord server where we have a great community of people who would be willing to help you more and probably have more experience with dealing with these types of issues.

Hope to fix your problem!

could you pls decrease the difficulty of the final boss?????

i was burning through every enemy and boss but the final boss is just waaaaay too hard the time i got through the first 3 layers from any side the final boss would have  literally cut my island in 2!!!!


Yes, the boss is difficult. In fact, you can even say it is impossible. Every time I design the final boss I make it really hard. In fact, there seem to be a small handful of people that find clever ways to beat the boss in almost every single update (I have yet to check for this one, but I am pretty sure someone is gonna do it without using the sandbox).

Even though it is probably a bad decision to make the final boss incredibly impossible, what comes after the final boss is so amazing that most people will agree that not many people should get to see it. I'm just kidding. There really is nothing after the final boss, thats why he's so difficult to beat. Or is there? I'm just trolling now, I shall stop. 

But you never know when there will be something rewarding after it. Just saying.

Anyways, thanks for the info, I still want the final boss to be difficult and not just a walk in the park like you experienced with all the other enemies (i guess I made the game a little too easy?).

Thanks for the feedback!

I felt the guns are turning very slowly, if you can only increase the speed a little bit (I do not want the guns to accompany the mouse) but they are more agile.

Hey there! The idea is that guns rotate at a speed where you will need to plan where you are moving and aim accordingly. While they might not be the fastest beasts, there is a new legendary tech called the servo motor which increases the weapon turning speed. 

Thanks for the feedback!

(1 edit)

I do not know if it's just me but in the loot of battles the chance to come a float is very small, and this is annoying me please if this is a bug solve, now if it is bad luck my patience. Another suggestion is when you win a battle there is a fixed amount of gold that comes from reward and you can choose to increase with the loot.

Hello! While the chances to get a floatron from battle are small, every shop will always contain a block, a weapon, a module, a tech, and a floatron. Sometimes it may have 2 or more floatrons if the module you get is a floatron as well.

Because of the sheer number of items in the game, the chances of getting floatrons are decreasing, and so I hope that balancing this out with some consistency in the shop helps a lot.

Also, the fixed amount of gold idea isn't a bad one and has been suggested before.

Thanks for the feedback!

plz make a version for linux 


Hello! In terms of future ports, the linux is the next port I will be adding. It could still be a while though before I start working on the linux port though, so I wouldn't hold my breath. That being said, I will try to add it once the game is in a more stable position as well.

Thanks for the request!



and i thought it was just me who sucked at this game lol

You are very welcome! I'm glad this makes the game a lot better. Sorry that the previous version was too difficult!


I really liked the game but now with the new update it is hard so navigate in battle , it is also wayy to zoomed out for me i cant tell where bullets are flying anf the islands look really small.

Hey there! You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. It shouldn't be inverted but it might be a possibility. Thanks for the info that the camera can sometimes ba too small. I will bear this in mind as I am working on quality of life improvements for the next update.

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoy this new update!

Whenever I visit the forge and put in obsidian the game freezes and I cant close it, any suggestions

Unfortunately, it is a bug in the game right now where certain items will freeze the game. I am working on a fix for the next update. Could you tell me the exact recipe so that I can double check to make sure it is fixed? Thanks for your help!

(1 edit) (+2)

I am so sorry, a discord bot I was working on had it's token leaked and so someone exploited this and deleted the server. I am so sorry about the images. I will make sure that this never happens again.

Once again, I am so sorry for this. 

Join the new server here:

ouch, well I ended up cancelling my report to trust and safety, but the bot was banned from a few servers I moderate.. well thanks for replying!

The application/bot has been deleted since it has been compromised.

(1 edit)

Discord server was raided by a bot, I was dm'd nsfw by it and then it banned me from the server. Already took action and reported the bot to trust and safety team.

heres the bot's name:

I am so sorry, a discord bot I was working on had it's token leaked and so someone exploited this and deleted the server. I am so sorry about the images. I will make sure that this never happens again.

Once again, I am so sorry for this. 

That was my bot unfortunately. It has been compromised and i will be deleting it.

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i cant join the discord, can someone help


I am so sorry, a discord bot I was working on had it's token leaked and so someone exploited this and deleted the server. I am so sorry about the images. I will make sure that this never happens again.

Once again, I am so sorry for this. 

When is the next update?

The next update is gonna be pretty massive and it is still a ways from being done. This is just an estimate but hopefully before the end of the month.

(1 edit)

I got a question here. When i play this game on my laptop, sometimes it will become extremely lag like 22 fps and the next second it will become like 60 fps. Can u tell me what is happening and what should i do to this situation.  

but it is a cool game and i love it !!!

Hmm. I have been trying to optimise the game. Could you tell me the version you are playing on, and when you are experiencing the lag? Thanks.

(1 edit)

I am playing the latest version of the game. The lags happened when i was in the battles, the fps on the left hand corner shows that there are only 25~35 fps, but normally my laptop can handle csgo  around 90 fps, i don't know why. When it is around 60 fps, i feel like that 'man how can the weapon load that fast and smooth' so if you have time please check or optimize it,  thanks   

Alright. Thanks for the info. Does this happen consistently, when firing a lot of weapons, or when your weapons hit their target?

Well, this happens most of my gaming time,but  sometimes when i hit lots of weapons it will suddenly become smooth and hit the target and start reloading very fast, afterwards it become lags again. 

Thank you for the detail. I will have a look into this and try to optimise the game more for the next update.

nvm i checked comment thx lul

yo so ive been playing for legit 7 hours on same account just died 3 times in a row because a ! had 18 fkin shields and wouldnt die so i think you should make infinite lives or a save also how do i rotate weaponry

good game, but how do i save?

It's automatic as soon as you exit. It saves from last defeated enemy/shop/forge

its not saving, every time i exit or press esc it resets me to the start.

Hey there. It seems you have downloaded the legacy 1.0 version. This is the original jam version of the game. The latest version(2.0) should be available to download from this page. Enjoy!

i have a question, how exactly do i rotate my weapons?

Press Tab while hovering over a weapon to flip it.

(1 edit)

i've found that its still possible to get the enemy island above the high altitude limit,

its incredibly difficult to do so, but its still possible

(1 edit)

The forge isn't working correctly. Some of the conversions/trade are not appropriate. 

Got Mudstone[45HP] for 3 Gravel [55HP]

All the [common] blocks give Grass

Yeah, the forge has some strange interactions in the last version. I'm working on fixing/balancing/making better the forge in the next version so we don't get weird things like these popping up.

Thanks for the report!

i just downloaded the game about an hour ago, and i absolutely love it one hour in

I am so glad you are enjoying it! Hop on over to the discord to be apart of the current development of this game!

Sou brasileiro, é possível que em algum momento uma tradução em português seja possível? Eu descobri esse jogo em um vídeo de um canal brasileiro, com uma tradução que o jogo poderia atingir mais pessoas.


Hello! I don't speak Portuguese but thank God for Google Translate. Eventually, I would like to make multiple languages available. However, this game has really only been in development for less than 2 months and is still in the "pre alpha" phase. I (just me) am working on this game full time now, so hopefully we will eventually see a Portugese translation!

Thanks for your patience as I try to make this game available to as many people as possible.


Could be implemented a quantity of gold that always comes when you beat an enemy and you could choose to increase that amount than gold with the loot, it might be possible to buy tecs in the game market, but at a much higher price, since we would have more money.

In 2.0 you can buy techs in the market. I really like the idea of gaining a fixed amount of gold each match. That would make the game a whole lot better in terms of cash flow.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Really awesome! It reminds me of FTL a lot but I like the combat a lot more!

This game was headed in the direction of more controlled combat, but it didn't sit right with the community and me as well. So I'm glad this game is finding its footing in being a different experience from FTL(I live that game though).

Glad you enjoyed it! Join the discord to be active in the development!

Taking forever
Finally got him, though

Nice Job!

This thing is pretty tough huh. It may take awhile before someone beat this legitimately. I guess you have to be pretty lucky with plenty of skills to bring this down. Might try to cheat some extra lifes to beat and try to beat it with 3 lifes next time huh. Hunting for the glitched tier item might be worth it too before the next update.

Good job for creating this monster dev.

Hint: there is a 0% chance of getting a glitched tier item as a drop or crafting it through the forge.

Hi Jwiggs,

i am trying to create a table where you can lookup combinations for the forge.

To do this in the game and do all the combinations takes a long time.

Can you provide me the logic for the forge cominations?

Than i can make a table and provide it for all the players.

Thank you for the awsome game!



(1 edit)

Hi Chris. 

The forge is procedurally generated and uses a seed based of your inputs(doesn't matter about the order) to determine the output. I have run all the available possible combinations of items through my forge algorithm and it looks like we have 15,000+ possible unique recipes. My hope is that players can figure out the basic logic that the forge uses. You might already know this, but I will give a quick rundown anyway.

The forge looks at the majority. If the majority is the same item, then it will try to give you a better version if the item. If the majority is the same type of item(module/weapon/tech) but different individual items, then it will give you an upgrade of one of the items. If all three items are from different categories, then it will give you a random item that is in an upgraded tier. Thats basically it.

I haven't generated the full recipe list for 1.20(i did it for the prerelease). If you join the discord, you might find an old recipe list somewhere if you ask for it, but chances are this list is already outdated.

People in the discord have suggested a recipe book, or some way of showing you what you can forge with your current items. I like the idea, and may implement it sometime in the future. It is not a top priority though, since the next couple of updates are still working at redesigning the core of the game. Maybe once I am satisfied with the core gameplay loop then we will start to see quality of life features like these being added. But you never know. Sometimes when I have some time at the end of an update and want to add some features, I just add them. So it could be at any time, but more likely later than sooner.

Thanks for the feedback. It would be great to see you in the discord to give more suggestive input and direct feedback straight to me. You will also get progress updates on what I'm working on and occasionally I ask members to vote on certain things.


(edit) Sorry for the wordy reply.

Eu já descobri algumas receitas na forja, principalmente para criar armas, no começo achei a forja bugada porque quando destruí totalmente minha ilha para ver melhor meus itens a forja não me deixava forjar nada, só depois de zerar o jogo várias vezes Eu descobri isso, ele poderia ser removido, eu ainda não joguei a versão mais atualizada, então eu não sei o que há de novo no jogo, mas estou ansioso para isso.

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