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You are the product of an experiment gone wrong. You seem to be self aware. You want to explore. You want to be free. Not everyone will allow this. Your freedom, must come at a cost. You must smash, bash and dash your way to freedom. What are you waiting for? The slime must be free!

NOTE: Level 3 has a tricky jump. You must dash and double jump from the upper platform, drop down to the end of the bounce pad and then jump again to get to the exit. This level will be patched soon.

Good luck and have fun! Check out the devlog below to see the latest changes and whats coming up.

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Ohh, really good, I apreciate this game, I saw that you have worked a lot for the song, Why not post this game on kongregate or another site to promote your game, you have a lot of chance that people like your work, because it's a true work, really good guys :D.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I still have a lot of work to do on this game(check out the devlog). Great idea to promote my game on kongregate as well. I have plans to put this game on Steam hopefully by the end of this year.