Alpha 7


    • Create levels in the editor
    • Save levels to your computer
    • Play your own levels
  • Fragradier
    • Shoots a grenade that explodes into multiple grenades
  • Rocketman
    • Uses his jetpack to fly
    • Shoots homing missiles
  • Glass Blocks
    • Allows people to see through them
    • Does not block the path of laser rays
  • Metal Blocks
    • Allows bullets to ricochet off them

Future Changes

  • Machine Gunner
    • Just imagine the chaos
  • Shotgunner
    • Whats better that one bullet? Three bullets.
  • Spotter
    • Alerted when seeing player
    • Alerts other enemies
  • Endless Mode
    • Procedural generation of levels
  • Portals/Wormholes
    • In one, out the other
  • Dr. Newstein's Journal
    • Pages hidden in levels
    • Details how you came to be and all of that stuff
  • Steam release
    • Around Christmas or Early 2018

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