Level Editor Guide

There is finally a level editor in the most recent update of the game (Alpha 7). It can be a little confusing at first, so here is a guide to help you develop all the levels you ever wanted.

Toolbar Tabs - The toolbar is the area on the righthand side of the screen. This is where you can select the entity you wish to create and edit the finer settings of the game.

  • Blocks (Q)
    • Makes up the core of the level
    • Includes walls, doors, platforms, and  bounce pads
  • Tech (W)
    • Includes panels, turrets, vents, and laser rays
  • Characters (E)
    • Includes only a lab slime, scientists, soldiers, and marines
  • Settings (R)
    • Name your level
    • Change the width and height
    • Save the level in it's current state
    • Load a previously saved level for editing

Level Editor - The editor takes up most of the screen. This is where you will be placing entities that form each level.

  • Selection - Left click the entity you wish to select from the toolbar from the appropriate tabs
  • Placement - Left click the location you want to place the entity
  • Rapid Placement - Left click and drag along the areas you want to place the entity
  • Override Placement - Hold shift while left clicking to override entities at the previous location
  • Delete - Right click a location to remove entities
  • Rapid Delete - Right click and drag along areas you want entities removed
  • Movement - Click and drag the middle mouse button to navigate the map
  • Zoom - Slide the mouse wheel up or down to zoom in or out of the map

Teams - You can select teams at the bottom of each tab of the toolbar. When a team is selected, entities that can have a team will be assigned to the team selected in this area. 

  • Selection - Left click a team to set it as the active team
  • Deselection - Left click the active team to reset the active team
  • Mandatory Teams - Entities that are required to have a team will automatically default to 1 when no team is active
  • Shortcuts - Use 1234 to select and deselect team respectively

Rotation - You can select the rotation at which some entities spawn using the incremental numbers at the bottom of each tab of the toolbar. Entities that can be rotated will have the rotation set by this bar.

  • Large Increment - Left click the plus or minus signs to increment the rotation by 45 degrees
  • Small Increment - Right click the plus or minus signs to increment the rotation by 5 degrees
  • Shortcuts - Use tab to increment the rotation by 45 degrees

With that, you should be well on your way to creating your own levels. More convenient level sharing is on its way. Till then, have fun making levels.

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