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Alpha 2.0

  • Alpha 2.0


  • Dashing
    • Double tap a direction to dash
  • Manual camera control
    • Space bar and WSAD while stationary
  • Bouncy pads
    • Slam down on them to gain more height
  • Doors
    • Automatically opens
    • Blocks line of sight while closed
  • Completely redesigned levels
    • Intuitive tutorial levels
    • 7 Levels
    • Better menu level
  • Totally reworked AI
    • AI are smarter
    • Setup for teamwork and communication
    • AI don't like seeing blood
    • No longer fires through walls
    • ? - Confused: Will attack/run on sight
    • ! - Alerted: Currently attacking/running
    • !! - Fire: Prepare for impact
  • Soldiers
    • Fires a burst of three shots
  • Movement mechanics reworked
    • Almost no inertia
    • Double jump mechanism gives two jumps,even if you slide off a ledge
  • Health
    • Taking damage no longer restarts the level
    • Regenerate 1 health after each level capped at 3
  • Sound Effects
    • Lots of them
  • Elevators
    • Jumping no longer activates them
    • Press down to interact
    • Directly shows number of people left to kill
  • Bullets
    • Brighter and easier to see
  • Platforms
    • Re positioned visual and hitbox
    • Darkened to match walls 
  • Background
    • Tons of animations
    • New background items
  • UI
    • Re sizable windows
  • That guy without pants
    • He found them
  • Support for Mac dropped temporarily
    • Issues with IDE and Mac export
    • Will be back soon

Near Future Updates

  • SWAT Team
    • They want in on the action too
  • AI Teams
    • Radio panel allows team communication
    • Control panel allows for tech control like security cameras, turrets, and drones
  • Menu Options
    • Volume
    • Fullscreen
    • Skip tutorial levels

Far Future Updates

  • Research Log
  • Endless Procedural Generation 

Hope you enjoy! Have fun.

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