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Alpha 3.0

Alpha 3.0


  • Controls
    • Space now the default interact button
  • Settings
    • Activate using space bar
    • Navigate using WSAD
    • Adjust background volume
    • Adjust effects volume
    • Adjust fullscreen
    • Adjust difficulty
  • Difficulty
    • Adjusted through settings
    • Directly relates to your starting health
    • For when the game gets too easy with 3 lives(or difficult)
  • Elevators
    • Interact using spacebar, not down
  • Soldiers
    • New skins
    • Burst fire reduced from 3 to 2
  • Teams
    • Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange teams
    • Communication using respective radio panels
  • Radio Panels
    • Allows teams to communicate and be alerted
    • Can be destroyed
  • Control Panels
    • Allows the control of advanced tech
    • Tech is deactivated when all of a team's control panels are smashed
    • Can be destroyed
  • Security Turrets
    • Connected to control panels
    • Will alert others if team radio panel exists
    • Normal and double turrets
  • Moar Levels
    • 4 more increasingly challenging levels
  • Health
    • Topped up to max at the beginning of each level
  • Death
    • No longer causes the game to restart
    • Press space to go to menu
    • Press any other key to retry
  • Marines
    • Predictive shots
    • Acts quickly
  • Alerts
    • Off screen alerts/confusion displayed at edges of screen

Future Additions (coming soon):

  • More Tech
    • Hover Drones
  • Level Saves
    • Continue from where you last left off
  • Environmental Hazards
    • Laser Beams
    • Toxic Waste
  • People
    • Hazmat
    • Zombies???
    • SWAT
  • Destructible/Moveable Terrain
    • Glass
    • Crates

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